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The Best Ratings Our rating trustpilot almost perfect, just check Truspilot Best price – dont shy ask us about special and individual price, if you saw better Friendly support Your custom appointment time Our PRO players will ready, when it suits for you Private broadcast on twitch in real time Update when you want – no problem 24/7 support services Safe and security our priority

Select how many hours/raid run/mythic run you want and place order. We will send you message after 30 mins-1 hour usually. We discussed details about your case, will choose setup what you prefer, or will offer recommendations. Will choose time with you, when you want/when prefer. Before 15/30 mins till appointed time, in discord/skype/email you will get warn message about start. When time will comming, you will get invite in game/in any voice for contact, without also no problem, if you prefer. Enjoy the process! And be sure to rate us on the Trustpilot.

This is safe because our boosters have special Premium VPN services, for simulate your original location. This fact, and also 80% our services we don on selfplay method, makes them the safest and most secure on the market World of Warcraft boosting. So how we said early, there’re no riks of getting banned, because we not use any Cheats/Abuse or any illegal software. As a result, our focus is on:
  • PRO player’s skill and exp
  • Absolutely safe to use
  • Guaranteed results
  • Simple ordering process
  • Safe payment systems

No problem, alot services offer via Selfplay method, its like games with Friends or random guys, but with Pro Players, just check discription, or ask in live chat.

Sometime we need an access to your account. You have to give us login, password and code of Battle.net authenticator (in case it is attached). We never ask for secret answers or something that can give full access to your account; We will need only code from e-mail. Do not log on after you change the password. If you do, we could not log on with new password. You will have to repeat this procedure again. If you need to do it for some reason, inform us about that. If you have the authenticator, you have to pass us the code before the service is to begin. Make sure you have deactivated the requirement to enter the code each time you log in game.

We not start service, or you change your mind? If you purchased the wrong service or you’ve just changed your mind and don’t want to get your ordered service more than 24 hours before appointed event starts, we will bind ourselves to find a solution that will satisfy your needs or will make full refund. In case your order is in progress and you would like to cancel it, you are can request for a partial refund. Please keep in mind that appointed event time can be changed and slot reservation can be canceled only if you notify us about your will 24 hours before event start. If you miss your appointed event without notification, you won’t be granted another event and payment won’t be refunded for missed event. When we reserve a spot in our event for you (with or without loot for your chosen class/spec), a team of players/guild can no longer take another customer on this spot reserved for you and will be payed for this spot. If you have some force majeure situation, you can always share your account to our driver, so he can join your appointed event to get your order done. What if unable do service? If we’re unable to accomplish your order by any reason on our side, we will make full refund or can offer you another service for a price not exceeding the one you have already paid. If you choose another service which is cheaper, we will refund you the difference between those two prices. We always can do special offer, just talk with us.

No problem, we can explain alot moments for you, also our players will support you in raid. Alto depend from difficult, in Mythic Raid dungeon 1 mistake – you can kill full raid group, thats why in this case -> you need be in corpse, but its very situative moment, and you can ask in live chat about more details.

Express: If you want the boost done as fast as possible choose this option. Our boosters will work overtime to complete the boost by the ETA. If we fail to meet the deadline you will be refunded the extra price you paid for this option.
Self-Play: We recommend this method because your account will be 100% secure, games like friends cannot be problematic. It will also be a unique experience because you will be playing with professional players and will be able to learn something
You don’t have to wait, most services can be done today!
  • High Quality VPN Protection for Piloted orders!
  • Order yours before 10:00 pm for same day processing
  • We are 9+ years on the market of WoW services as a legal company with high business level and thousand of reviews and feedback from real people on different forums like ownedcore and Facebook, old reviews page Disqus, and of course Boom-Boost.com rated 9.9 out of 10 based on Trustpilot

You are the one who decides the objective our professional boosters must reach. You let us know what your current Arena rating is and your desired rating. Once you’ve done that you can check out the options and let us know how you want to customize our boost. Since this is an Account Sharing service, our pro-boosters play your account for you and boost you until all the objectives you set are met.
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