A Tour of Towers Achievement Boost

To get this unique achievement - A Tour of Towers, the player must complete all seven Mage Tower Challenges during Legion Timewalking. Mage Tower has a entangled (for a beginner) structure of challenges in which the class and spec of the character matter. Therefore, before start challenge or ordering our A Tour of Towers Achievement Boost service, please read the information on the official website or get consultation from our operator via Discord or in chat. We will be glad to help you create a successful combination of your characters for A Tour of Towers boost. You will need at least 3 characters as those challenges require different classes and specializations. However, if you don't have all the required characters for getting A Tour of Towers achievement, just check out the list of all challenges and choose the class and specialization you need. Please note, boost service is provided only during Legion Timewalking.


  • Achievement "A Tour of Towers" for all challenges (Closing the Eye, The God-Queen's Fury, The Highlord's Return, Thwarting the Twins, An Impossible Foe, Feltotem's Fall, End of the Risen Threat);
  • Achievement "A Towering Success" for first challenge (any spec);
  • Transmogrification T20 gear set (recolor will be available to characters who took part in the challenges);
  • Main award - awesome flymount-book Mage-Bound Spelltome.


  • at least three 50-level characters (depend from class and specialization), if you haven't reached level 50 yet - can order our Leveling Service here;
  • some gear requirements, please contact our operator for info (usually 50+ilvl).
  Boost time: usually 1day. Feel free any question in chat or Discord, our operator can help you to prepare good combination of your characters. If you do not have characters, before leveling it is worth thinking about class-spec selection.

What is a Tour of Towers Achievement?

Mage Tower - is the Legion Timewalk event, who can bestow you with delightfully flying mount-book Mage-Bound Spelltome (Soaring Spelltome). But you'll have to get ready and upgrade to 50 level several necessary characters in advance, keeping in mind the required specialization and class.

Our service includes "A Towering Success" achiev, which is given to players for completing any one of Mage Tower challenges. But for those players who muster up the courage to complete all 7 separate events, prepared and will given out new Shadowlands achievement - "A Tour of Towers". If you prefer playing on one character or only in one spec (healer, for example) and have no experience playing different classes - we can help you and offer to you our WoW a Tour of Towers Achievement Carry (boosters available to start service only during Legion Timewalking).

A Tour of Towers Achievement Boost

In order to get this achievement and unique mount players must be able to complete all seven challenges of Mage Tower Shadowlands event during Legion Timewalking. To do this, they will need knowledge of battle tactics, possession of various classes and specializations in World of Warcraft based on the following possibilities:
  • Closing the Eye for Death Knight in Frost spec, Demon Hunter in Havoc spec, Hunter in Survival spec, Rogue in Sublety spec or Warrior in Arms spec;
  • An Impossible Foe for Death Knight in Unholy spec, Druid in Feral spec, Mage in Fire spec, Rogue in Outlaw spec, Shaman in Elemental spec or Warrior in Fury spec;
  • The God Queen's Fury for Mage in Arcane spec, Paladin in Retribution spec, Rogue in Assassination spec, Shaman in Enhancement spec or Warlock in Demonology spec;
  • Feltotem's Fall for Hunter in Beast Mastery spec, Monk in Windwalker spec, Priest in Discipline spec or Warlock in Destruction spec;
  • The Highlord's Return for Death Knight in Blood spec, Demon Hunter in Vengeance spec, Druid in Guardian spec, Monk in Brewmaster spec, Paladin in Protection spec or Warrior in Protection spec;
  • End of the Risen Threat for Druid in Restoration spec, Monk in Mistweaver spec, Paladin in Holy spec, Priest in Holy spec or Shaman in Restoration spec;
  • Thwarting the Twins for Druid in Balance spec, Hunter in Markmanship spec, Mage in Frost spec, Priest in Shadow spec or Warlock in Affliction spec.
Boom-Boost professional boosters can save you from grueling battles, especially if you prefer playing with one character and have no experience playing different classes. Contacr our operator in Discord or chat and buy Soaring Spelltome Mount Boost today for good price with guarantee.


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