Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror Achievement

WoW KSC Boosting is a quick way to get the desired exclusive title, achievment, and alot Valor points which allow you to upgrade M+ equipment up to 272iLvL in Season 3. All eight Dungeons must be completed on Tyrannical and also on Fortified weeks. Achievment Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Three will only be available for a limited amount of time, only during WoW Shadowlands Season 3, so it is highly valued.

Also, as a result, you will receive 1850 Mythic+ (Blizzard own version of "rio" score, added in Patch 9,1) points, the number of points is currently highly valued among the WoW Shadowlands players. This score is considered to be prestigious and will allow your character to join a serious and experienced Mythic plus groups in WoW. This rating is not account-wide, so that each of your characters will have to earn it separately.

Keystone Conqueror Boost time: 2-3 hours, expected running time (on 2 week types).

Ok im ready to Keystone Conqueror Boost, but what is my reward?

  1. Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Three unique achiev;
  2. Mythic+ rating 1850;
  3. Exclusive title The Cryptic;
  4. Twenty M+ Dungeons done (10 Tyrannical and 10 Fortifield);
  5. Chance to get 255 ilvl from any dungeons;
  6. Weekly great vault - 265+ ilvl piece of gear;
  7. Alot Valor Points.

Our boosters for KSC achievement will help you in dungeons, and will carry without any problems till get reward! Keystone Conqueror Shadowlands Achievement, its one of main goal for many PvE players every new season. In new Shadowlands 9,2 this title has undergone some changes. As you remember, in the previous 9.1 patch, the title required a one-time playthrough all dungeons with M+key 10 "in-time". Now players need to make two passes - on Tyrannical and on Fortified weeks. A prerequisite for obtaining the title is to reach an M+ rating of at least 1850 during the third season of Shadowlands.

This task is not a simple process as before, but dont worry. With our PRO boosters you can skip the hardest part of work and it will take several hours! Horde or Alliance side - no problem. Are you searching Keystone Master Season Three and need unique mount with upgrade Mythic+ rating? Can offer our KSM Boost.

Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror Boost requirements:

  • WoW Shadowlands;
  • Character lvl 60 (if you haven't reached level 60 yet, can buy Leveling Service here)

About Keystone Conqueror Carry

Available Mythic+ instances in the World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9,2 patch:
  1. De Other Side dungeon;
  2. Necrotic Wake dungeon;
  3. Sanguine Depths dungeon;
  4. Halls of Atonement dungeon;
  5. Plague Fall dungeon;
  6. Theater of Pain dungeon;
  7. Spires of Ascension dungeon;
  8. Mist of Tirna Scithe dungeon;
  9. Tazavesh Streets dungeon;
  10. Tazavesh Gambit dungeon.
As you can see, added two additional wings of Tazavesh, the Veiled Market instance. In addition, depending on the week, nowthere are two options for passing each of the 10 instances - affixes alternate every week - either Fortified or Tyrannical. To get the required number of Mythic+ points you have to go through both:
  • In a Tyrannical type dungeon, all of the bosses deal up to 15% additional damage and have 30% more health;
  • In a Fortified type dungeon, all of the trash mobs deal up to 30% additional damage and have 20% more health.
It's getting difficult and takes longer than the previous Keystone Conqueror season 2. Of course, if you have already completed some dungeons on your own, it will take much less time, but from scratch this work can takes up to 2weeks (server resets). Feel free to contact our operator in Discord if you have any questions. During the boost your character have a chance to get some recipes "Memory of the Runecarver" (for activation Legendary powers in Torghast Runecarver's chamber) and conduits for your covenant Soulbinds tuning.


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