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The Great Vault - is the weekly chest in WoW Shadowlands, which rewards players with additional equipment for completing up to 9 tasks. across Raids, Mythic + dungeons, and PvP battles, with maximum 278ilvl items as a reward. This method of obtaining equipment can be a good help in the process of character development. Great Vault system is designed by Blizzard to ensure that players participate in all types of World of Warcraft activities. Despite the fact that many people like only PvP, and others - only PvP, they will all be interested in participating in weekly events for the sake of the reward.

Buying World of Warcraft Great Vault Boost service, you will get:

  1. From 1 to 9 tasks every week on your choise;
  2. Weekly cache which will allow you to designate desired item;
  3. PvE activities as a Mythic+ dungeons or Raid;
  4. PvP activities on arena with obtain required rating and collect the right amount of points for tasks.
Please note that the Great Vault awards have different values based on item level. Carefully study the Great Vault reward system before placing an order, or contact our operator for advice, we will be happy to help you any time 24/7. Depending on the selected reward, different paths will be implemented to achieve it, as well as certain equipment requirements for the character. You can also get this information in the chat or in our Discord.

Boost time: usually 1-5days (very varied).

Great Vault Boost requirements:

  • WoW Shadowlands;
  • Character lvl 60 (if you haven't reached level 60 yet, can buy Leveling Service here)

Great Vault in Shadowlands - how it work?

Completing tasks weekly adds a potential item to your Great Vault. Once a week - after the server shutdown day - you will be able to open the Great Vault and select one item from the items that were added to your Vault on previous week. This should make it much easier to get certain items and upgrades, although there's certainly still a random factor involved. Completing the following activities adds choices to your Vault:
  1. Rated PVP events: collect 1250 Honor Points, collect 2500 Honor Points, collect 5500 Honor Points;
  2. Raid event: killing 2 bosses, killing 3 bosses, killing 8 bosses;
  3. Dungeons event: 1 Mythic+ instance done,  4 Mythic+ instances done, 8 Mythic+ instances done.
Please note that any dropped out in Great Vault loot slot has a chance to drop a Tier Piece. What does it mean? In case when you earn a piece of Mythic+ or PvP-battle loot, that piece has a chance to be Tier Gear even if you have not completed a raid instance.

Ok I'm ready to Great Vault weekly boost, what next?

First you need to decide what item level equipment you need, for this you can use the guide or contact our operator in chat to get the consultation. We are always happy to help. Depending on the selected ilvl a one of Boom-Boost professional team will be assembled for boost.

Usually players want to use Self-Play mode, it means that you will play with our booster team by yourself. To complete any event just follow the group leader's advices. Please don't talk in game about boosting, money, services etc. Also we can provide this service in Piloted mode, it means that our professional PvE booster will log in to your account and will play on your character. Please contact our operator to find out the possible boost mode in your case. Your character will be able to go on various adventures, including Mythic+ dungeons, Raids or PvP battles for reaching a certain arena rating. At the end of the week, you can visit the Great Vault in Oribos, which rewards players with additional equipment for completing up to 9 tasks.

Based on the foregoing, Great Vault can bring to you minimum one piece of 278 ilvl gear a every week. With our Great Vault Boost service your character can get a lot more perks and be able to take part in high-end WoW events much faster.

Difficulty-based Great Vault rewards item levels:

In WoW Shadoslands there is a simple rule: harder events - bigger rewards. Below you can see the current itemlevel values:

252 item lvl - Sepulcher Raid instance (Normal mode);

265 item lvl - Sepulcher Raid instance (Heroic mode);

265-268 item lvl - Mythic dungeon +10 and +11;

272 item lvl -Mythic dungeon +12 and +13;

275/278 item lvl - Mythic dungeon +14 and +15;

255 item lvl (accordingly 268ilvl PvP) - 1400...1599 PvP rating;

268 item lvl (accordingly 275ilvl PvP) - 1600...1799 PvP rating;

272 item lvl (accordingly 285ilvl PvP) - 1800...2099 PvP rating;

275 item lvl (accordingly 285ilvl PvP) - 2100 or higher PvP rating.


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