Shadowlands Torghast Tower Boost

Torghast, Tower of the Damned - it's kind of instance, located in the playing area of The Maw. A feature of which is in its unpredictable representation. With each new entry into it, you never know what awaits you ahead.
This complex allows players to create a powerful character with excellent equipment. Also all kinds of additional rewards Purchasing the Torghast Tower Boost service allows players to get amazing rewards every week for the hardest layers and reach the max amount of SoulAsh and SoulCinder for crafting and upgrading Legendary items in World of Warcraft.

Buying The Torghast Tower Boost service, you can get:

  1. Required quantity of SoulCinder (for 8-16layers), SoulAsh and CosmicFlux (for 13-16layers);
  2. Up to 16 layers completed on your choise;
  3. Coldheart Interstitia ; Coldheart Interstitia ; Coldheart Interstitia ; Mort'regar ; The Upper Reaches or The Soulforges achievs (depending on week);
  4. Tower Knowledge for The Box of Many Things  Torghast talents;
  5. Chance to loot transmogs, mounts, pets, toys, titles.

Boost time: usually 1-2hours.

Extra floors  - Adamant Vaults:

In case if event was passed on layer #9 or higher with a Flawless score (earning 200+ points when kill boss on floor #5) and your character (or someone from your group) has talent -  The Adamant Vaults, you will have access to two more extra floors, which contain the following pleasant awards:

Requirements for Torghast, Tower of the Damned Carry:

  • WoW Shadowlands;
  • Character lvl 60 (if you haven't reached level 60 yet, can buy Leveling Service here);
  • Torghast entrance is unlocked.

What does it mean: "unlock Torghast"?

There is a special quest chain, thanks to the completion of which World of Warcraft players gain the feasibility to visit Torghast. Once you reach level 60 of your character, it will be possible to choose your covenant and proceed with its campaign. During the tasks and events, you will visit the location called the Maw, and interact there with the game character named Venari. He will help your character to get the feasibility to visit Torghast

How organized Torghast, Tower of the Damned?

Environment of Torghast is quite interesting - this is a huge area having multiple entrances, only two of which are available to players. Every week there is a random change of available entrances. These entrances are also called wings. Each has 16 layers, and consists of 5 floors.

Player can go through portal any of active wing to start the event. After entering, will be presented the start interface where you can choose any available layer of wing (if you have already visited this wing and unlocked these layers). On each of the above layers and floors, you will be expected by tasks, quests, puzzles, rare mobs and bosses!

What will I get after Shadowlands Torghast Tower boost?

First of all, during the boost the players wish to receive Soul AshSoul Cinders and Cosmic Flux. These ingredients will come in handy in the process of creating legendary items. Order today our Torghast Tower Boost service and get it fast and safe. Furthermore, Torghast offers many collectable Maw-stylized rewards including new toys, unique mounts, all kinds of pets, some titles, handsome transmogs, and also alot of achievements.

The Torghast, Tower of the Damned gameplay, how it looks?

Players who visited The Torghast Tower for the first time, can discover a lot unique mechanics. Constantly amplification difficulties and dynamic layout, unique user interface, ending with time abilities, alot different types of enemies - all this makes Torghast a exciting, enthralling and intriguing adventure.

What is my reward for WoW Torghast Tower event?

Next you can find out about Torghast Tower loot depending on the completed layer:

8 layer - 2280 Soul Ashes and 340 Soul Cinders;

9 layer - 2420 Soul Ashes and 460 Soul Cinders;

10 layer - 2540 Soul Ashes and 560 Soul Cinders;

11 layer - 2640 Soul Ashes and 660 Soul Cinders;

12 layer - 2740 Soul Ashes and 850 Soul Cinders;

13 layer - 2840 Soul Ashes, 1000 Soul Cinders and 70 Cosmic Fluxes;

14 layer - 2940 Soul Ashes, 1150 Soul Cinders and 80 Cosmic Fluxes;

15 layer - 3040 Soul Ashes, 1300 Soul Cinders and 90 Cosmic Fluxes;

16 layer - 3140 Soul Ashes, 1450 Soul Cinders and 100 Cosmic Fluxes.

If you want to create a powerful character with excellent equipment, just use our Torghast Tower Boost service to get the necessary ingredients and improve your armor. Feel free any questions to our operator in chat or in Discord.


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