PvP training in the arena in WoW is what every PvP player wants to achieve in Dragonflight World of Warcraft. Knowledge or experience that PvP WoW players want from R1 Gladiators
Hourly sessions with our players allow you to achieve your desired goals, experience the true power of the PvP aspect of WoW.


  • Choose desired amount of hours in 2v2 or 3v3;
  • Unique PvP achievements, equipment and titles;
  • A huge amount of PvP Currencies;
  • Starting time from 15 minutes after payment.


  • WoW Dragonflight;
  • character lvl 70.
The best investment, a quality investment of money and time, is to buy coaching in the World of Warcraft arena. Simply choose a professional player as part of a 2v2 or 3v3 team. Our players are never nervous, very friendly and ready to help you at any time in WoW Dragonflight Arena Carry.
Tired waste time with random "LFG" who start blame/flame, and leave after 1-2 games? Then we can help.
Don"t waste time and nerves with random players. Use our Dragonflight PvP Arena coaching services as soon as possible and start enjoying the stress-free gameplay. We have PvP players in the EU or US region, for both factions. And they are ready to make you happy in WoW PvP!
WoW Arena Coaching will give you the following benefits
  • Most important - PvP Practice with real players.
  • Security - because SelfPlay is a service, it"s like playing with friends.
  • Agility and chips of professional players.
  • Peace of mind without any rages from random players.
  • Gain experience and be able to search for players of a higher level!
World of Warcraft PvP Coaching services will help you devote much more time to life and get the most out of the gameplay. Place an order for our PvP Coaching services, choose a convenient time for you, and we will do everything to make you happy!
  • The number of hours you want with Gladiator games, in 2v2 or 3v3.
  • We will make individual recommendations for you, according to the type of rotation, equipment, and your main problems.
  • Recommendations and help in game aspects, macros and addons.
  • Optionally includes voice chat with professionals.
  • Unique PvP achievements, equipment and titles.
  • A huge amount of PvP Currencies.
  • Starting time from 15 minutes after payment, you can check in live chat!
  • Don't forget, Shaudolands PvP Coaching includes voice chat, but it"s not required. 2v2 or 3v3 Coaching carry depends on your desire, so everything is up to you.
  • World of Warcraft Arena Coaching.
But what to choose, 2v2 or 3v3 Arena Coaching?
We offer various conditions, but very often the question arises to choose everything. Below you can see the main points that will help you draw a conclusion.
Arena 2v2 Coaching
  • Personal session with a professional.
  • Slow games.
  • Longer matches to help you practice your rotation.
  • More options for low ranking.
Arena 3v3 Coaching
  • Easier victories because less depends on you.
  • A faster way to take a rating.
  • Quick matches.
  • More fun!

On average, in 2v2 Arena, 30-40% of the result depends on you. But in 3x3 only 25-33%. Therefore, it is up to you to decide where you prefer to receive the Arena World of Warcraft Shaudolands Training.

Okay, what"s the next step in the coaching arena?
Each booster from our pro team, played over 15000-18000 games every PvP season 3 vs 3 bracket. Regular players, who want grow and progress with teams - our priority, thats why we in work over 8 years on market boosting shops.
After payment, our support will contact you in any convenient way, discord or skype, but you can also tell us in live chat.
If you have any questions, just let us know, any setup and rating is available with our players, just feel free to ask us in the chat!
  • Any team setup, individual and situational team composition.
  • When you will Buy Wow Arena Coaching services 3v3 & 2v2, you also can imroved your personal skill, without stress from random lfg guys.
  • In arena PvP Dragonflight, alot depend from patience, and with our Pro Players, you can take best ratings.
  • You can check our YouTube VOD's, or Twitch channel, or just screenshots progress.
  • Feel free if you want ask any questions about delivery service, because Arena World of Warcraft - it's work and life our boosters! Feel free for ask in live chat about any questions, if you still have.
  • Interested in Gladiator? Click here and check
  • Still want see how this work? Test game no problem, 1,99$ for test game.


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