The World of Warcraft its a history big war. That's why Hero of Strength - it's a must rare pvp achievement, elite pvp title HotH. Buying our carry Hero of the Horde boosting service, every player can play with our Pro R1 PvP RBG Team. But what also rewards you can get What parts is this achievement?

WoW Hero of the Horde/Alliance boost rewards.

  1. Depend from faction Hero of the Horde / Hero of the Alliance FoS;
  2. Alot of RBG rating farmed;
  3. Unique title Hero of the Horde / Hero of the Alliance unlock;
  4. Estimated around 50+ wins on top RBG rank bracket;
  5. Alot of honor and conquest cap points during boost.

ETA time for title carry: 3-4 weeks.

We sale Shadowlands Season 3 Hero of the Horde: Unchained/Hero of the Alliance: Unchained achievements for every player, who have good PvP equip, game subscription.

Important moment, before boost please discuss with our support about details.

PvP HotH and HotA Boost how its works?

Concept of game World of Warcraft its war between Horde and Alliance. Every player WoW know about game energy, but what can be better, than becoming a legendary Hero on faction?

Our services Hero of the Horde boosting perfect choose for show your personal PvP Skill, and show it for enemy and friends players! Same for the Hero of the Alliance carry, need alot of work and patience for get this achivment, alot fight vs Top Tier players in PvP. Ok, let's see why this achivment so interested?


How to get Hero of the Horde / Hero of the Alliance title?

  • RBG Hero of the Horde/Alliance is a same as Gladiator rank in arena.
  • In end season, player need to end SL  in the top 0.5% of the RBG ladder.
  • For title need 50 games won on your faction (transfer not available).
  • Boring process, without synerge static RBG almost impossible.
  • When you done all of the above - you will get achivment.

How you see, process of work seems very hard. Need alot of time for get achivment, patience, well-played team, and ofc very hight personal skill. Anyway, if you dont have something above, you can choose Boom-Boost and we have quick and safe solution.

Hero of the Horde/Alliance Unchained Carries

Pro boosters from our RBG team can carry anyone till this achivments Hero of the Horde and Hero of the Alliance titles in the Shadowlands.  task not easy, and take some time but we can make this on 100% guarantee. Please keep in mind that:

Before please contact with our operators about achivment, for setup time, and discuss about all details!



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