WoW Chains of Domination Campaign Boost

If you completed the entire story campaign in the previous patch, then after the release of the new Shadowlands patch 9.1, you will find that it has expanded very significantly, expressed as new adventure - Chains of Domination Campaign. History of Anduin, Sylvanas, and other WoW heroes who is waiting for you ahead, giving you a few more new chapters of the campaign to play through. Now you can visit new World of Warcraft Shadowlands zone - Korthia - in addition to the Maw, this play area offers you many tasks, various enemies, epic battles and items. Following the prompts, you will completely plunge into Worls of Warcraft lore

Please note: if the Renown level is not enough - no problem - you can use additional option. Even if your character is less than level 60, we will be happy to help you with our leveling service. Alot adventures and quests that are required to complete the story line and will bring you many benefits, but if you don't have much time to play - you can order all this right now if you buy our Chains of Domination Campaign Boost in new Shadowlands 9.1 patch.

Boost time: usually 8-10hours.

Boom-Boost's professional players have a lot of PvE experience and have repeatedly completed the Chains of Domination Campaign, we'll be glad to help you in shortest time. Additionally you can buy Covenant Campaign Boost, just select the desired option above.

Rewards for Shadowlands Chains of Domination Boost:

  1. All 9 chapters in new 9.1 patch story completed - Chains of Domination
  2. Shadowlands Flying Unlocked - Memories of Sunless Skies
  3. Gives special covenant mount (flying)
  4. Gives new upgrades for your covenant conduits
  5. Unrated PvP rewards ilvl will be increased
  6. During the boost process, character can get Renown up to level 59

Requirements for Campaign Carry:

  • WoW Shadowlands;
  • Character lvl 60 (can use our leveling service);
  • Unlocked Maw/Torghast;
  • Renown lvl 40+ (please use additional option if the level is not enough).

I'm ready to order Chains of Domination Campaign Boost, tell me what's next

Our professional boosters will unlock the new area in Shadowlands Korthia, getting access to new quests chains. During the Chains of Domination Campaign Boost, your character will increase its Renown (~ up to level 59) and upgrade covenant's Soulbind conduits which will give you additional advantages in World of Warcraft (Covenant help you customize your character's strengths and weaknesses. Soulbinds and Conduits - very useful feature along with Talents, Gear etc.). In addition, a new riding skill will be learned - you will be able to fly in Shadowlands. By the way, your covenant will show one's gratitude with a unique  flying mount. Also we can offer Covenant Renown Level Boost for full 80 Renown, epic mount, new transmog etc. You can save yout time and skip a long chain of quests.

Boom-Boost employees will never ask you for full access to your account. We always use VPN and naver use cheats. Be careful and don't trust scammers! You can check reviews about us on TrustPilot.


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