Shadowlands Covenant Renown Level Boost

This service let you develop Covenant's relationship by increasing Renown Level to max 80. In return for this your character will receive new transmogs, special mounts, class and covenant signature abilities, dungeon buff, legendary recipes etc. And you will get a lot of free time that you will save. You don't have to complete a long chain of quests by yourself and visit Bastion, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revendreth a few more times (as it was in the last Shadowlands patch) - our booster will do it for you when you buy Covenant Renown Level Boost service.

Buying Renown Level Boost you'll get:

  • farm of 1-80 Renown levels;
  • epic mount (39 renown);
  • shadowlands flying ability (44 renown);
  • flying mount (45 renown);
  • transmog set for your gear;
  • legendary recipes, toys etc...

Requirements for Renown Carry:

  • WoW Shadowlands;
  • Character lvl 60 (can use our Leveling Service);
  • Сhosen covenant;
  • No special gear requirements. But we can offer our Gearing Service to speed up work

What is Covenant Renown?

The Renown - one of the types of character evolution. It is not necessary but that it is very useful and gives many advantages in PvE or in PvP. After completing character leveling you can choose a covenant and start leveling up your Renown to building upgrades in your Sanctum. This is a difficult choice and must be approached responsibly. You will be presented with 4 options - Kyrian, Night Fae, Venthyr, Necrolords. Each one has a maximum Renown level of 80. With each new level, your character will receive improvements, for example Shadowlands flying ability and special flying mount by your covenant.

Gear, Talents, Rotation - everyone usually pays attention to this since the beginning of World of Warcraft. But with each new Shadowlands patch, Renown is gaining more and more importance - Covenant, Conduits & Soulbinds have become an integral part of preparing a truly strong character.

How it works

When you increase your Renown Level time after time the chosen covenant will give you lots of bonuses:
  • Soulbinds, which help to enhance some aspects of the character;
  • increase your stamina stat with special buff;
  • increase gear item level;
  • covenant mount, companions, toys etc.
So after reaching the last level 60, you can continue to improve your character with Renown farm carry. Or leave it to the professionals with Covenant Renown boost service. Upon completion of which in your inventory will be saved all gold, loot like gear, recipes etc. mined by booster.

ETA for Covenant Renown boost

Boost time: 7-10days. Your character will get 1 level of Renown per each chapter of Covenant Campaign, so you can get up to level 21 Renown quite easily. This is not enough to create a strong character. To be efficient in raids, Mythic + Dungeons and in PVP, will need to complete many times weekly quests to increase Covenant Renown Level:
  1. Replenish the Reservoir
  2. Shaping Fate

Regular player vs Renown Cap

Getting the maximum level of Renown in World of Warcraft Shadowlands will take many days and weeks of play, it can be compared to reputation farming with some faction, so we suggest Buy Covenant Renown Level Boost service from our Professional Team and save your time. With our boosters EASY (just contact us via Live Chat or in Discord and place order) and SAFE (our players always use VPN protection) to get the maximum bonuses for your character in PvP/PvE with covenant perks


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