WoW Shadowlands Item Level Boost

In addition to leveling up your character, you can find and change equipment for him to increase stats. There are many different sets and individual items, but for ease of understanding in WoW Shadowlands they are all combined by one indicator - the item level. This stat is important in both PvP and PvE - versus other players on arena/battleground, or mobs and bosses in dungeons/raids and the all zones of World of Warcraft Shadowlands. The higher the number, the easier it is to play, all players trying to get the highest level - this process is called Gearing. With our Item Level Boost service you can get to the desired equipment quickly and safely.


  • selected equipment level (220-260);
  • VPN and real booster with 100% handmade item level power leveling for your safety;
  •  looted items, gold, achievs etc.


  • Character lvl 60;
  • Unlocked Covenants and Torghast.
  Please choose gear item level in menu above. If you need a consultation, just contact us via chat or in Discord. Our operators will help you choose the right option and we will start your Item Level Carry. Our professional booster can use World Quests, Mythic+ dungeons and Raids in gearing process

Est. lead times (usually):

  • 0-2days to reach 220 iLvL;
  • 1-3days to reach 230 iLvL;
  • 2-5days to reach 240 iLvL;
  • 3-5days to reach 245 iLvL;
  • 1-2weeks to reach 250 iLvL;
  • 2-3weeks to reach 255 iLvL;
  • 2-3weeks to reach 260 iLvL.
*a week means a server reset e.g. from Tuesday to Tuesday

After the boost, will I get every items of the chosen level?

Item Level Boost - means that the average item level of the character will be what you order. Some items may have a higher level, some may have a lower level - it is a complex indicator. After our Item Level Boost service you will see the number you choose in the official armory of your character.

I would like to get a higher item level than the options

Some players wish to reach the ultimate stats for their character. This may require you to make a custom boost order. Feel free contact to our operator in chat or in Discord, we will be happy to help you.


  • *Desired Gear Level

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